Saturday, August 20, 2011

Williamsburg is where i belong.

Sorry I’ve been really busy and too tired to blog when I got home..

We arrived back in NYC at about 10pm on Thursday night, we moved into our new place and went looking for food; we literally went across the road. We found Pies and Thighs, basically an awesome KFC; they do really good fried chicken, biscuits (otherwise know as scones) and salads. Then they do any amazing pie you can think of for dessert. Best part is that it is about 15m from our building..  I got a pulled pork burger thing, it was pretty good, but at that stage I'm sure anything would have been amazing I hadn't eaten anything since about 6am that day. We learnt our lesson with train burgers.

Friday was a late start for me, Kat and Angela went out for breakfast and I met them about 10.30, we spent the day walking around the neighbourhood, I LOVE this place. Its like Fitzroy or smith st in NYC, this is where all the funky cafes are and so many cool little shops, I could spend so much time here. Friday we spent the majority of the day wandering around the area we went to the supermarket for some supplies, I haven't seen an actual supermarket yet, there is either convenience stores or these weird (but fantastic) all organic mini supermarkets.

Maggie arrived back in NYC at about 4pm so we met her at the station and showed her the place.. 

we got back to the apartment and Angela had fallen asleep so we got beers and sat on the roof and watched the sun go down. we decided to go out, so we went to Rabbit hole, the closest bar to our place, basically they had a beer garden so we were in. I got a gallon of cider (probably not a gallon but it was HUGE!) and the other 2 got some beer. the cider I had was probably the best I’ve ever had, it was just the right amount of sweet and it was so hot that day and the cider was sooo cold.. awesome.  we moved on to another couple places then got burgers at Dumont Burger, they were glorious, at least I think they were, I had had a lot to drink. Mag and Kat seemed to enjoy them too.

While we were looking at shops on Friday we found a flyer for 'Artists and Flea's' it was an artist market. so it is on every Saturday and Sunday. we went and had a look on Saturday, it was so good, I bought quite a bit of handmade one off jewellery, Mag got a dress and Angela another pair of shoes. 

Kat and Angela headed into town, i.e. to Manhattan while Mag and I wandered around Williamsburg a bit more, we stumbled across a farmers market, and had the best homemade lemonade ever!  all Americans are obsessed with real lemonade, especially in summer. we had lunch, Mag bought some beef jerky and I got a frozen banana covered in chocolate, yes make all the phallic jokes you want here,  but it was really good.. and only cost me $1! photo was in the last post

we finished lunch and walked along the water back towards the Williamsburg Bridge, Mag needed to pee, surprise surprise, we figured we would grab some water at a place and use their toilet. didn't wok out that well, we ended up having an accidental midday cocktail, it had so much tequila in it, I hate tequila at the best of times... anyway, struggled through that and continued to the bridge. we decided to walk  across it. it basically goes across the water from our new place in Williamsburg to our old apartment on the lower east side. Mag and I continued to wander for most of the afternoon, she was on the hunt for a new pair of sunnies as she had sat on the last pair. 

headed to Broadway and got her some sunnies, we went and grabbed dinner in Little Italy, there was some crazy festival on and people everywhere, was a good atmosphere for dinner though. we headed back to the apartment so Kat and Angela could go grab dinner (we only had one key at this stage) and had a cruizy night, we went and got beer and again sat on the roof till it got windy and a bit cold and headed inside.

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