Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boston briefly.

So baseball is my new favourite sport. Iv always liked it but actually going was so so awesome! Getting from NYC to Boston was a bit of a killer, it's only a 4 hour train trip but it was a big day. We jumped on the train at 9am got to Boston a bit after 1, had some lunch and headed to the park for the game.

We got to the park about 3 and met up with Maggie. Was so good to see someone from home. Went inside and got beer and headed to our seats. We paid $30 each for our seats, and later on found out the guys behind us paid $160 for theirs. We were pretty lucky to get them!

A beer or 2 later the game started. Slow start for both teams, neither the Red Sox (Boston) or Yankees (NY) scored in the first 3 innings. Though we were sufficiently entertained by the guys behind us, they were these 40something Canadian guys, and really into their baseball, there was 5 of them, 4 were supporting Red Sox as we were and 1 guy was a Yankees fan. He was louder than anyone else, though extremely outnumbered being that it was a Boston home game. 4th innings no score from the Yankees but Boston made 4 in 1 hit. We had one on each base then the batter hit a home run. Awesome.

When I met up with mags, she informed me that the red sox owned the rights to sweet Caroline, which she was extremely excited about, probably more so than the baseball.. They guys behind us said that once Boston had decided they had won they would play it. in classic Maggie style she went down to the toilet and they started playing it. She appeared as it ended but had rocked out with some randoms in the beer line. For the rest of the game the guys behind frequently broke out into song just for her.. Haha. It was such a great atmosphere. If you go to the USA go to the baseball, even if your not sport person.

It was nice to see Boston again briefly, the game finished about 8.15 and we had to be back on the train at 9.30, the plan was to grab some dinner and head to the train, but the vicinity around the park was chaos so we just walked back into Boston centre, grabbed a couple things from the supermarket, and headed to the train. When I say supermarket it's more like an amazing buffet place, where you can also get groceries. So we grabbed a fresh salad, with whatever you want to put on it, some fresh cut fruit and a just baked choc chip cookie to share..

Back on the train for another 5 hours, we were somehow really late, we were supposed to get in at 2.20am which was late enough but we didn't actually get into till about 2.55 so by the time we got back to our place it was close to 3.15am. Straight to bed then up at 6.30am to be back on the train to Canada.

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