Sunday, August 28, 2011

So I Made It Home..

the rest of the flight was again uneventful. we finally landed in Melbourne about 8.10am local time, and made it through immigration and customs with no issues. we used the new scan thing for the passports with the chip, they were super speedy and it meant i didn't have to talk to anyone, at customs they asked what food we were declaring, we said maple syrup and got waved through. Out to the airport, i hate walking through the doors at customs, and everyone is standing there watching you walk out.. its intimidating. anyway we found Kat's parents, then i hung around waiting for Mat.

They finally arrived after getting really really lost, Mat, Em and Eric came to get me which was really lovely!  i got presents from Em and Mat which was really nice, we jumped in the car and went home.  i got a big hug from Kristy when i got home, i think she missed me haha.. i missed her too though. her sister and her boyfriend were over from NZ so i got to meet them too. i think they are staying a week or so.

Mat had organised breakfast at social roasting company with a few of the guys, i needed to go home and have a shower and make myself feel human again before we did that. everyone met at my place them we went to breakfast. Kristy didn't come as she was spending the day with her sister, we will have plenty of time to catch up..

breakfast was so good, and seeing everyone was just what i needed. i ended up having a 4 hour nap when we got home, and struggled to make myself get up so that i would actually be able to go to sleep that night. mat and i went to the supermarket and grabbed some things for dinner, and made dinner for Kristy, her sister and us, spent the night on the couch and then back to bed..

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