Sunday, August 28, 2011

Harry Success, Last Day In NYC

I struggled to sleep, I woke up almost hourly, though did take some nice images of the sunrise.

I was absolutely determined to get tickets to ‘How To Succeed In Business’ so on Wednesday I left the apartment at 7.45, and made it to the box office by about 8.10am.  I was there an hour earlier than the day before but was in the exact place as I was the day before, I lost hope then but I wasn’t going to leave until I was sure I wouldn’t get tickets. Had to wait 2 hours sitting on the concrete while they did construction on the road right in front of us, so life draining…  a little hope was restored when a guy from the theatre came out and gave everyone the rundown on the tickets, and asked of there was any questions, one guy asked if there was many tickets, and he said “today, quite a few actually” hope was back.

10.15am came and I had tickets in my hand for the show that night! So so excited.

Kat spent the morning on the phone again trying to find out what the hell happened to her package. The plan was for her to come in and meet me and we were going to do a tour of the UN headquarters, but she was still on hold when I msgd her again at 11.30, and it was now to late to do the tour.
I wanted to get a couple more shots of the Flatiron Building so I walked down there while I was waiting for Kat to come in, she ended up meeting me at B & H at about 1.30pm. I had missed a couple things off my b&h list and she had been given a new one so we went back. Kat spent another $350 and me about $50, grand total for b&h about $1500…

From B&H we went back to drop off all our stuff, finish packing and get ready for Broadway! we finally hunted down the package, they must have had it in the building the whole time, because they called to say they had left it on our doorstep. Freaking hopeless idiots.
We headed back in about 7pm for an 8pm show. Neither of us really knew what the show was about or what to expect, but even Kat showed a little interest. Haha, I just had to stop making harry potter references and she was ok.

The show was AWESOME! I was blown away by how good Daniel Radcliff was, he was singing, dancing, and delivering his lines with ease.  At the show was so funny, costumes were great, and the music was also really well done.. it finished and I was ready to sit down and watch it again. John Larroquette was great too, the dynamic between Daniel Radcliff and him was fantastic. They really made the show.  I don’t know what else to write, I'm now excited to see what he does next, he is actually a really talented kid, as much as I love him being harry I really hope he can break out of that and start making a serious mark in the film industry.  My 2 favourite moments in the show was one when he realises he is in love with the girl, and he is telling someone, and he began jumping up and down on the couch yelling “I'm in love I'm in love’  (tom cruise anyone?)  and then right at the end, the kind of the closing song, he absolutely rips up the stage, boy that kid can move, he looked like a professional dancer, it was freaking unbelievable, you almost expected it to be a body double, wow seriously blown away, I just wish I could have taken some photos. They were really on it with phones though, I picked mine up to look at he time and got told to put it away..
Harry I love you even more now!

We made it home about midnight and did the last of the packing and went to bed. 

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