Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Dont Know How I'm Supposed To Find Anything In Here..

Even though I went to bed late I woke up really early on Sunday, I was going to make myself some eggs for breakfast but we only had 3 left, I didn’t want to use them and Kat to miss out so I went for a walk and got some breakfast supplies,  and came back to wait for Kat to get up. I made myself breakfast and had a shower and she still wasn’t awake, so I ventured out by myself.

Last week I tried to go to the flea market but it was called off because of the weather so I went down there.  I wish I lived in Williamsburg, I could have bought so so much stuff, and it was the best flea market ever. I only bought a  couple small things that would actually fit in my luggage and not make it weigh a tonne. I went back to the Artist and Flea’s market as I was on a mission from Mat to get Brinkman a present, that cant be mentioned here, I was successful in getting what he requested, I think she will really like it haha..

Once I had had a good look at the market I gave Kat a call to see what she was up to, and told her she should probably come and have a look at the market because it was awesome.. she came down and had a look then we headed to begin the task of collecting all the things that friends and family had asked us to get.. Kats lists were much bigger than mine!

We got to Manhattan and started the lists, my list really consisted of about 30 CD’s for Mat. There was no way I was going to buy all of them but I had good look for the top priority ones.  We first ended up at a record shop as Kat remembered that there was records on one of her lists, and she was looking for some for herself anyway. This record shop for anyone who likes vinyl would have been in heaven. Ryan would have LOVED it.. Kat got a couple records and we moved on.

On the way to the next music store we saw a sign for another one so we went in, it was the craziest place ever, it looked like the crazy hoarder houses except he called it a CD store, there was piles and piles of records, CDs, videos and other stuff literally piled up from the floor,  with a tiny path through the middle. There was no was you would actually be able to find anything in there..

We finally made it to Generation Records, I made Mat do research to tell me where I could find what he wanted, because I had no idea. He would have been in heaven there, I was out of my depth. I had his list in my hand trying to figure out which one was the band, and what was the title and what the hell it was..  Kat started talking to the guy at the counter and it ended with her going to get him a beer from the convenience store down the road, she left “its ok she’s gonna be a while.” It was kind of true, I had no idea what I was buying, in the end Mat came out with a pretty good score,  10cds for about $150. The same thing at home would have cost him about $220. We left with the guy at the counter telling me that is Kat ever needed a visa or residency in the US he would marry her..

Next to Vera Meat, this pretty cool independent jewellery designer, Kat had to pick up what she had ordered the week before for her friend Lisa.  We went back to the subway to go further uptown to continue shopping, but go to the station and realised we just couldn’t be bothered, w swapped platforms and headed home instead. Sunday Night it rained again, another massive storm it looks cool but it got really annoying when we needed to go out and get food. It let up so we made a dash for food.  We got 3 minutes form home and it started bucketing again, we both got saturated. We ended going to the Meatball place again, and again it was so good! On the way home we got drenched again, when we got back I threw out my shoes, I had been planning on doing it at the end of the trip anyway because they were wrecked, at this point they were wet and stank and I couldn’t be bothered with then so down the garbage chute..

Some good old trash TV then to bed.

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