Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gugg, Central Park and More Rain...

Monday looked like a relatively nice day so we figured we would actually go out and do something, Mag left early so i was up at 7. went for a little walk around the neighbourhood while waiting for Kat to wake up.

We had a couple things we needed to pick up, then headed to the Guggenheim. such an amazing building pity what was on that day was a bit shit.. there was a small section of the classic awesome painting etc, a couple Picasso's, Van Gogh and Matisse which was pretty cool to see. we grabbed the free audio tour when we walked in, mine died after about 5 mins so i then had to carry it around for the next hour or so that we were there... annoying.

The photography section was closed for install, story if my life. though there was this awesome installation by Hans-Peter Feldman, he won the Hugo Boss prize for $100,000 and then installed the same amount over the walls of an entire room its was unbelievable. see photos below. there was some guy who had clearly never been to a gallery before, he got told off for touching the work, then he started blowing on it "but I'm not touching it" dick head..

Sneaky photo of Kat...and the money room.

view of the room from upper level.

From the Gugg we walked to Central Park, the weather was starting to looking a but sad, about 15 mins into walking through the park it started pissing down again. Kat and i still refusing to buy umbrellas so we got a little wet, and by a little wet i mean drenched.. we got over it and got a hot dog in central park. we realised we were right next to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) we kinda wanted to go in but also to get out of the rain.. only day it was closed.

The rain let up and Kat was after a new pair of boots so we headed to Broadway, didn't get Kat shoes but i got 2 new pairs, got an awesome pair of Steve Madden kinda dressy leather shoes for $35! cheap as! and also a pair of vans. we were walking back down the street and i happened to look up and notice the sky was getting close to black, iv never seen the sky that dark. i looked at Kat and said "ok i think its time." we saw a street vendor selling umbrellas, and grabbed 2, no joke, 2 seconds later, we hadn't even had time to put our money back in our wallets and it started BUCKETING! the rain actually hurt it was that heavy!

I decided a while ago i wanted a pair of Ray Bans so and Kat had to get new sunnies for one of her friend so we found a sunglasses hut. i got mine and Kat the ones she needed, by this time the rain had let up a bit. but we were over it and headed home.

Tuesday we really just couldn't be bothered, weather wasn't great and well we couldn't be bothered..
had a late start and decided to hang around Williamsburg, i had to pick up a couple things for un-named people so we did that. We had Japanese for lunch (at like 4pm) the Bento box i had was so so good. we ended the day as we have done many times in Williamsburg, and had beers on the roof and watched the sun go down.

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