Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rain in NYC

Sunday it rained all day. we had to move apartments so we did that at 11.30 then went out for breakfast so they could clean the apartment for us, being that the other guests had just moved out. because we had moved apartments during the same booking it was supposed to be the first one to be cleaned.

Kat wanted to go back to the artist market and pick something up so after a slow start we headed there, it was looking gloomy but not raining when we left the apartment, about 10 mins later the heavens opened... Mag was all smug as she had an umbrella, Kat, Angela and i not so lucky,  we got pretty wet, it didnt rain for long so we didnt bother to buy an unbrella, then it started again..

We spent a bit of time at the artist market, i bought some jewlery from a designer who handmakes all her stuff, they are awesome, cant say too much as i got them as gifts for a lucky few, and maybe one for me... Kat ended up getting one from her as well. We talked to her for ages about what she does etc, and her about us, like why we were here and about photography as Kat had her camera over her shoulder. After the artist market Mag and i wanted to go to a flea market that was just down the road, at the same spot that the farmers market had been the day before, they alternate every saturday and sunday. we got down there and they had obviously called it off because of the weather, im going to go this weekend coming instead.

because of the rain, and because Angela was stressing about getting to the airport, as she was heading home, we got back to the apartment around 2pm and just chilled for a bit, about 4pm Angela grabbed a cab and left for the airport.  Mag was leaving to go upstate the next day so she spent the next couple of hours working out her travel plans, booking tickets etc. she had to go find a internet cafe so she could print the ticket.

Kat and i decided it was about time to go venturing out for dinner, we decided on this meatball place that someone had recommended, it was AWESOME! you go in and they give you the menu and a whiteboard marker. you choose wether you want just meatballs or a slider, salad or a kinda subway roll. then what sauce, any sides, drinks, dessert. it was a really cool concept to take one simple thing like meatballs and make it this awesome. they do one thing and do it well. i had the chicken meatballs with a basil pesto sauce, the greens of the day which was green beans with creme fraiche, crushed walnuts and tarragon. and then had their signature dessert, a cookie ice cream sandwich, that consisted of peanut butter cookies with toasted coconut ice cream smashed in between. WOW.

we were sitting eating and i happend to turn around and realise that Hamish (from Hamish and Andy) was sitting behind us having dinner, they are currently filming their show in NYC, the studio is in brooklyn and must be close..  i made the mistake of pointing this out to the other two and we then all turned around and stared at him at the same time.. awkward. we were going to go and say hi after we had finished filling our faces but he left... sad face.

after dinner we grabbed some beers from the pharmacy (yes the pharmacy) and headed back to the roof deck. Mag was going early so we headed to bed.

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