Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Trip Down, One To Go..

I had been home a few days and then started preparations for going away again!

Mat left for Timor last week, and I'm heading tonight, spent a few days trying to sort out a camera, mine was being a bit shit since i got back from the US, and i didn't have time to get it fixed. i tried calling my insurance company, both my normal one and my travel insurance, neither offer hire gear for damaged items.. Then had to make one of my friends lend me their camera for 2 weeks.. not an easy feat. Thanks to Josh for saving my ass and with such a nice camera...

This trip is going to be different to any i have done previously so I was really unsure what to pack. because for one week we will be out on the road with the tour so i have to bring a tent and camping gear, but then the other week im basically living in 5 star accom on the beach, at Mick's place, and he has virtually everything, so thats all good. iv been camping before but this is different and i feel so unprepared, i have no idea what to take!

Finally finished packing about 7pm tonight, then to keep myself amused until midnight when ash so awesomely obliged to take me to the airport, she did get sausage dog shaped cookies for her trouble.

Now just sitting waiting at the gate, should be boarding momentarily.

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