Tuesday, August 02, 2011

No longer homeless in Boston, running away to New York.

I'm not sure what America's obsession with air-conditioning is but its always so freakin cold inside anywhere, I'm sitting on the train on our way to New York as i write this,  3.5 hours and we will be there.
I'm shaking because the air-con is on so high, anyway, this train is awesome, it has free wi-fi, hence me using it to blog..

We spent most of last night and this morning trying to find accommodation in Boston for the rest of the week, when we arrived we thought we would just book the first few days and work out something cheaper later on, well this plan failed us miserably. there is literally no where to stay in Boston this week, thanks to some massive conference and the the fact that there is a 3 game series between the Yankees and the Red Sox, damn baseball..

anyway as i said we are now on our way to NYC, it ended up that we just had to do it, didn't really have another option. Canada might also be out, we tried to see if we could go there instead of heading to NYC, but the train to Toronto goes through NYC anyway, but it was going to be really inconvenient and expensive, close to $1500 return to fly.. we will have to see how we go with this. so we have booked an awesome apartment in NYC, was hoping to save a bit of money here seeing that we splurged in Boston, but we couldn't really find anything in NYC either, the place we are staying is in an amazing location, but its only $200 a night between 3 which isnt too bad, the thing they kill you with it the tax, you get quoted $200 then plus tax its more like $230/240. budget is starting to go out the window, i really wish we had booked something before we left home. In the end we really should have just flown straight to New York, we didn't really see any of Boston, which is kinda sad.. maybe ill come back one day.

Sunset Dallas --> Boston

City lights of Boston as we flew in.

View from our hotel in Boston

Path along the lagoon/harbour in Boston.

I saw a SQUIRREL! He was shit scared of me!

One of many pretty alleys in Boston, none of them have names they are simply 'Public Alley #...'

Ninja Turtles eat your heart out!

This totally sums up America, over the top, sweet and colourful..

Another pretty alley..

Thanks Kat, ruining my photo..

American flags EVERYWHERE!

Boston Library.


Look at us all in the reflection... :-)

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