Sunday, August 28, 2011

Go And Get Your Own List!

Monday was the day neither of us was looking forward to, we had designated this as a shopping day, by the end of the day we would have everything that everyone wanted, we were determined.. the fact that neither of us was looking forward to it probably determined the late start.

We jumped on the subway and went to Broadway, I feel like I should point out this is a good shopping strip in lower Manhattan not Broadway as in all the theatres. Iv mentioned Broadway a few times up to this point, this is where I mean..  We met up with Kats brother again and started with Kats lists, 20 different shops later and we had almost completed Kats lists, we had all the beauty/cosmetic products that were needed, next to get Polaroid film. We went to the Impossible Project, wow that place is great, I just wish I still had the Polaroid camera from Pop. I think he stole it back! Not fair! Kat spent $250 on film for herself and everyone else. Now there was B&H to be done.. that we left for Tuesday. Something I’ve noticed around NYC is that all their billboards and massive ads are actually painted rather than being printed on posters and pasted to the wall. We saw one in progress.

Monday night we didn’t do much, though we ended up on the roof with cider and watched the sun go down as we do.

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