Sunday, August 28, 2011

Failing My Quest To See Harry And B&H

We wanted to go to a show on Broadway, we decided on (well I think I decided) that we would go see ‘How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying’ it stars Daniel Radcliff and John Larroquette (the old white haired guy from Boston Legal). Normal tickets range from $52 - $232 for the show. Kat didn’t want to pay that much and I really wanted to go so the solution was to get rush tickets, they are only $30 but you have to line up on the day of the performance and be lucky enough to get a ticket, they go on sale from 10am. As it was me that really wanted to go I said I would go in and get the tickets while Kat slept in. I got to the box office at about 9.15am, and waited till tickets went on sale. I was so crushed, the person in front of me bought the last 2 rush tickets for Tuesdays performance. My option was to buy standing tickets for $45 and stand up for the whole show.. I turned this down, then even more determined to get tickets on Wednesday.

Kat ordered some headphones of the Internet and had them delivered to the apartment, we called the people we booked through and asked first, asked them how to address it etc. and all was fine. Looking at the tracing on the package it arrived on Monday, we were told to address it to the basement where their office is, so we called to see if they had it,  no one had any idea what was going on, Kat spent ages on the phone trying to track it down, the mailman had put a slip on the mail box telling us where to pick it up or that delivery had been attempted, but the guys that own the building don’t have access to the mail boxes. Their solution, we will get the locks changed, it ill take a couple days.. we leave in 1 and a half..  Kat was on hold for 50 mins to someone trying to sort it out, and still didn’t get anywhere so she came in and met me.

Kat came into town and we made our way to B&H, we knew going to B&H was going to be a big day, grand total between the 2 of us was close enough to $1100. Mine was only $230 and most of that wasn’t for me, but I did get myself a few specials… we made our way home and had a lazy afternoon, we started packing and cleaning up anything we could.

We decided we would check the closest post office to see if the package was there, so we went for a walk there, no luck they had no idea either, walking back we grabbed a couple beers, a long neck of cider and tacos and nachos for dinner, then enjoyed it on the roof.

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