Thursday, August 25, 2011

Off To See A 450,000 Pound Lady...

Thursday was another semi busy day.

We met up with Kat's brother Paul who is also in NYC at the moment, and decided to see the statue of liberty. When we went to Wall St on Wednesday we couldn't find the iconic gold bull, so we googled it and went on the way to catching the ferry. turns out its not even on wall st, no wonder we couldn't find it the first time.. im not sure the reasoning or the story behind the bull, im sure there is one, but now all that seems to happen is that people either put their children over its neck and take a photo or generally grown men crouch down under its testicles and again take photos...

After watching people take photos of the bull, we made our way to the ferry. To go to the actual island and go up the statue it can literally take all day, so we jumped on the Stanton Island Ferry which goes past and gives you a lovely view and its FREE... even better..

The ferry ride across is about 20 mins, and once we got to Stanton Island we had no idea what to do.. w found out there really isn't anything.. so we found a place for lunch and jumped back on the ferry.

The Statue Of Liberty  is one of those classic american things you have to do while you are there. it certainly is a sight, though it really does look just like it does in pictures, but im one of those people that like to actually go and see and experience something not jus look at a picture and say iv seen it.

we headed back in to town to do some shopping, Paul wanted to grab a couple things and they were looking for something to buy their mum as its her birthday the day we get back. we spent the afternoon wandering and looking in shops, and eventually made our way back to Williamsburg, again sat on the roof and watched the sun go down.

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