Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Lucky I swiped the qantas blanket..

Tonight we might end up on the street.... Checking out of our hotel today, and everywhere else in town is booked out, there is a baseball series between Boston and the Yankees on for the next week or so, which means there is literally no where to stay, even checking hostels, there is a bed for 1 of us... Were currently chilling at the hotel trying to find somewhere to stay, struggling.. Anyway we will find something and if not I have the blanket of the plane so I can find a bench..

Yesterday, Kat and i had a seriously late start, the jet lag kicked in hardcore so we didn't get up until about 3pm. We then spent the afternoon walking through the old parts of Boston, taking photo etc, well at least I was taking photos, Kat grabbed her film camera, tried to take a shot, then realized she was out of film. I had some so I gave her that, put it in and the battery for the meter is dead... Haha.

There is so many beautiful old buildings, churches and just classic American houses in the old parts of Boston, and they still look amazing because there is the money to restore them, as apposed to Melbourne where we let them get old and shit then knock them down and put up a high rise. Weather has been so good here. It was raining when we left the airport but since then it has been nothing but sunshine, temp has been around 25ish and a bit humid. I got freakin sunburnt on my face yesterday.. Annoying.

Were learning to save cash by either sharing meals or having the leftovers of lunch for dinner. You know how they say everything is bigger and better in America, i didn't quite fathom that until I was here. No wonder they are so overweight. I got a coffee yesterday, and ordered a medium it was 18oz which is about 650ml and then they put that disgusting whipped cream shit on everything, even hot coffee, it was gross, I had a couple mouthfuls and threw it out. Another weird thing with coffee is that we are yet to find a place that does coffee with a proper machine, it's all crappy drip coffee...

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