Wednesday, August 03, 2011

157 Suffolk

Random sticker graffiti we saw while walking..
We arrived in New York at about 8pm. Had our first New York cab experience, it was pretty fun haha. As we drove to apartment we went through the classic shopping strip, where Macy's is and all those kind of places. True NY. Once we had arrived at the apartment we dropped our bags and headed out to find some dinner, we ended up at this German pub, I ended up having a shredded pork ragu with spatzel, kinda a home made pasta equivalent. I also had an awesome apple spritzer, I feel a little awkward admitting that, but it was basically amazing non alcoholic apple cider. Back home and back to bed.

The place we are in is not the best location, but the actual apartment is pretty good, it's 3 bedrooms, and the place is clearly brand new, I have a feeling that they finished the Reno the day we moved in, there is still plaster dust around, and half the stuff like the fridge an kettle still had instruction manuals in them. It even has a little patio which is really nice, it's all blocked in by buildings, that's a shame but it's nice to sit outside rather than sitting inside with the air con on all the time.

Last night it was really hot, during the day the humidity hit 80% and it didn't seem to drop off very much last night, the apartment has individual air cons in each bedroom, but they are pretty noisy, I would love if I could open the window, no chance of that, my window has the fire escape but the window has dowels screwed into it to keep it shut, prob not that safe if there actually was a fire.. I just want to go out on the fire escape!!

For this place we are supposed to be paying $200 a night plus $500 for a security deposit that I will get back, but I'm pretty sure they undercharged me by $500. When I called to book I paid a $500 deposit to hold the apartment, then when we checked in I only paid the balance, (-$500) but wasn't charged $500 for the security deposit. But when we leave I get $500 back as a security deposit... Anyway I'm just hoping they don't notice and that it only costs us 800 instead of 1300..
Window of the Con's shop, so many shoes. this is only part of the window, it was probably 15m across and maybe 10m high!
Where we had lunch,  i had a tub of mango, strawberries and blueberries.. so good..

Today when we got up we went wandering through our area, we are super close to little Italy so we went and got coffee (real coffee, not drip stuff like previously stated) and Kat and I shared a pizza, we got a small and it would have been equivalent to a large at home. The thought of a large American pizza scares me. We had a really simple one, it had local buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce and basil. It was amazing.

We started wandering back and went to 'wholefoods' which is a really cool organic market, it's kinda like Leo's in Kew or Thomas Dux market on bridge rd. The food in this place was so good, everything was so so fresh, I don't understand why Americans choose to get deep fried shit when you can go to places like this. You can buy any of the fresh produce pre cut like veges, fruit, etc. I was looking at the fresh cut fruit and grabbed one that had pineapple and I'm not sure what else and it was priced at $7ish, put it back and grabbed something else it had a 10c sticker on it.. Clearly priced wrong, but they didn't notice when it went through the register.. BARGAIN! At this place they also have all ready made stuff that you can take away, like curries, soups, hot and cold desserts, little bars wher you cab make your own salad, or do it yourself antipasti, and the bakery it was unbelievable, see the cupcakes below.. If there was something like this at home I would live there. Mum you would die if you saw this place. Anyway we got what we needed and headed home.
and i thought my cupcakes were good..
and a dragon! look theres even fire! 

Dont know that anyone wants to drink a beer called 'Pork Slap"

Like i said before we had to leave Boston because of the baseball, and therefor not being able to get accommodation, we also didn't have tickets to the game we wanted to go to. Kat's aunt has a friend in Boston who was organising these tickets for us though we hadn't heard from him, then today we got a call saying that he wasn't going so we could have his tickets, so I spent the hour or 2 from when as got home trying to work out how we could get to the game and back again. This was good because we decided to basically plan out the rest of the trip, I was more than happy to do this it was starting to get to me, not having accom and not being able to find any.. So we booked 4 train trips, NYC --> BOSTON, BOSTON --> NYC, NYC --> TORONTO --> NYC. We are then planning on heading down to DC through Philadelphia. Should be good..

So we are now going to the Red Sox v Yankees on sat afternoon, then jumping back on the train back to NYC, then Sunday morning were heading to Canada, it's a 12 hour train trip which is a bit shit because we loose a day on the way up and one on the way back, we wanted to book it so we went over night so that #1 we didn't have to pay for accom and #2 we didn't loose a day, but there is not train.. Sucky..

I'm pretty excited about the game as well as Canada, iv been wanting to go to Canada for ages, not sure why but anyway. It's great also because Kat has family there it means free accom! Sweet, saving some money. Though so far I have really spent any money except on accom and train tickets, so budget isn't looking too bad at the moment. Kats family lives about an hour from Niagra Falls so we will go up there and spend a day, should be fantastic.

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