Sunday, August 28, 2011

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We got up and Kat made me breakfast for my birthday, we had eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast, orange juice and tea! It was part for my birthday and part to get rid of all the food we had left.  Kat made me a banner for my b'day too, out of a string of toilet paper and a good old permanent marker. It was really  nice..

We had showers and packed the last few things, cleaned up, did the dishes then headed off to the movies. We have been bombarded by the preview for the movie ‘The Help’  we decided a couple days ago we needed to go see it because we were sick of just seeing the preview on repeat. Again as we left the house it started pissing down rain, the storm wasn’t supposed to start until  2.30,  it was 3 hours early! By the time we got to the subway and the to the cinema we were pretty wet.  Movie was really good, it was good to finally see it, now we know what happens and it’s not just the same bits of the preview over and over again.  Back to the apartment to do final check, cleaning and putting everything away,  packing the absolute last things, then grabbed a car to the airport.

The driver was a nutcase, he kept yelling in what I think was Spanish and honking everyone, though we made it to the airport in one piece. Checked in, went through security and went to the gate. At security we had to go through the new full body scanner x-ray thing, I really don’t know what people are complaining about, you can see the image and they cant see anything private or whatever, and if its going to make the flight safer m all for it.  We both got pulled out of the line and had our bags checked, I had forgot to take out my water bottle and they thought Kat had some thing concealed in her Polaroid camera, they swabbed it for cocaine. Haha..

We went through and found the gate, plane was 30mins delayed so we now had over an hour to kill, to the bar the obvious choice. We sat and had a couple drinks for my birthday. Then boarded the flight..
5 or so hours later we made it to LAX, and had to get the shuttle across to the international terminal. For our flight the gate we had to go to was the last gate, from where the shuttle dropped us off we had to walk through the airport for about 10 mins, surely the bus could have dropped us closer. We got to the gate at about 10.20, boarding at 10.45. we both had to grab a couple things duty free because we weren’t allowed to at JFK because the flight was only domestic.  I went and grabbed what we needed while Kat watched the bags and made it back just in time for boarding..

we wanted to see if we could get some sort of upgrade because it was my b'day, they couldn’t really do anything, but the seats in front of us were the ones for parents and children, and there was no one sitting in them  they have way more leg room and we would have got 4 seats for the 2 of us. We asked if we were ale to sit there and were told to sit in our allocated seats until the seatbelt sign was turned off then we could move.  That was the plan. Then just before take off some guy moved and sat there,  so so pissed off. He apparently had to move because someone wanted to sit together. Bull shit, he had the same idea as we did. And then the flight attendant didn’t want to move him.

There is quite a few spare seats on the flight so Kat moved a few rows back so she has a spare seat next to her and now I do too, its so so much better when you can spread out a little.  I feel like I’ve been on this plane forever! Its coz I have.. currently we are about halfway home, 7 and half hours to go..   the plane ride as always has been uneventful. I want to sleep but I'm making myself work on Melbourne time  to try to get myself back into the right time zone.  Its midnight in Melbourne now though so I guess that means I can sleep, and my laptop is on 16% battery so its going to have to end soon anyway. Iv just hit 6500 words that I have written on the plane.. we at least I’m up to date now.

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