Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today i didnt really feel like typing, heres some photos instead..

a few random photos for your eyes... total upload time for these 10 or so photos... 1 hour, 45 mins. you you better enjoy!

'The Presidents Palace' though I'm pretty sure its more like a government building than a palace as such. I'm told the president has a full T-Rex skeleton in his office, pretty cool....

the beach out the front of our place, not as many boats as usual, all the fishermen were out on the water, was a good fishing day they told me.

on his way to the market. some guys walk many kms to make very little money, i think this is why we as Malae get charged a premium price because they know we can afford it and also means that they may not have to work quite as hard the next day. a good wage in Timor is around $5 per day, thats for someone working full time say in construction, or as an English teacher

 im not sure if i find these hand prints really disturbing given the history of this place or if they are a much more innocent thing, still undecided, i like the shot though.

 Prichard, this photo is for you... i feel like this cloud looks like sausage dog, i felt you would appreciate it... wish the exposure was a little better so you could actually see it.. anyway you get the idea..
this photo really sums up Dili. lots of big cars, random animals of every variety everywhere, strange graffiti, and potholes..

i loved this little boy, he was really cute and just generally awesome.. he was standing watching the other kids play some card game that we couldn't work out..

our little family of goats that run past down the beach every morning.. turns out they really like coconut also.

 one of the many extravagant graves i was talking about earlier, for a culture that is incredibly poor its crazy how magnificent their graves can be, there is a huge respect for the dead here.
will add more photos when i get home...

off to market with his veges, this guy lives in the same neighborhood as us. nice old guy, always says hi. he walks about 3 kms to the market each day, and makes about $2 for his trouble.

this is the place we are staying, ours is the middle one.

Tuesday was a bit of a nothing day, Mat went to the 'country' to some town i cant pronounce the name of, (though it sounded kinda like something a white trash, trailer park kinda person would name their kid)
He went with one of the midwives from Dr Dans clinic. the idea being to compare the services between the 'city' clinic in Dili and these smaller communities. in these smaller communities there is a much higher rate of malaria and other very treatable conditions, though in these more remote places, getting to Dili for treatment is quite unlikely, they instead have to rely on these mobile clinics that visit maybe once a month. though when needed they do go and pick up patients who need hospital care.

i spent most of the day at home, went for a wander down the beach, sat and read my book, took some photos at the cemetery and chilled some more..

Mick will be back in Dili tomorrow (i will believe that when i actually see it, apparently he has been saying this since the start of March...). this is a really good thing, because i was kinda getting a bit bored and over being here, it will be really awesome to see this place from his point of view, he is the eyes and ears of this country, not much happens without him knowing. he has also asked me to work on a couple of projects for him while we are here. i am possibly going to be working at Ba Futuru (in Tetum meaning 'for the future') they work with the youth community developing "sustainable human development by facilitating the psychosocial recovery of conflict-affected, vulnerable and at-risk children and youth" Ba Futuru is a non-profit development organization established in Timor-Leste in 2004. 

Mick knows the people who run this place in Timor, and apparently they are looking for any help they can get which is like most places in timor. I'm more than willing to help in anyway i can, especially when Mick is involved, he has helped us (Mat in particular) so much with making this trip happen. i think mat really needed this. and anyway it keeps me interested and helps them, so why wouldn't i?

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