Monday, April 25, 2011

So the amazing stir fry kinda didn't happen..

Update on the last post.

Dinner would have been awesome... If the power didn't die. Power cuts are common in Timor, we have had quite a few since we have been here but they have only lasted about 30mins at the longest, it's now 8.45 it's been out since about 7.15pm. I had even cut everything up and had it all ready to go, was just waiting for Mat to come back so I could cook it up. he was down the beach taking photos of the sunset...
Anyway.. We have solar power as backup but it's really only enough to power lights, and the small fan we have over the bed.
As a backup we bought a couple packets of mi goreng noodles so all we had to do was boil the kettle to eat them. Turns out we didn't even have enough power to boil the kettle.. Damn it!

So Mat ended up eating the packet of mi goreng raw and I sooked for a bit, wished that the mains power would come back on, then gave in and had a bowl of cereal.

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