Monday, April 18, 2011

Packed, checked in and flying.

I decided I was going to be supremly organised, So I packed on Thursday, then unpacked and repacked on sat at about 1am, went to work Sunday from 9.45-2.45, then when I got home I repacked for the third time, I was banned from touching my bag again....
Kinda destroyed my room in the process..

Out for dinner with Kim (mats mum) before she dropped us at the airport. Took us nearly 25mins just to get to the airport from where you exit the freeway, there was so much traffic, Sunday night must be the time to fly.

A long walk from where Kim dropped us off to the check in, me being a sook that my bag was heavy. We found some random scales weighing them, my big bag was 14kg, and carry on was 10kg, just mats carry on was 17, plus 20kg of camera gear. We thought we had better even out our bags to make sure Mat was under the limit, after moving everything Mat weighed in at 20.4 luckily they didn't weigh his carry on, then we would be screwed.

After the amount of traffic we thought check-in was going to be a nightmare, turns out it was just us and about 3 other people..
While were waiting Mat tells me that he only let me come for my baggage allowance. thanks..

Flight ended up being delayed by about 1/2 an hour, I went for a wander while we were waiting to board, while I was walking there the guy in front of me stepped on a mouse, it kind got up and hobbled away, then it was still sitting in the same place when came back.. Man I hate mice.

We left Melbourne at about 10.15pm. We get to Darwin at about 1.30am local time, which I'm pretty sure is about 2am Melbourne time.

Currently on the plane, in the middle of 3 seats the worst spot to be sitting, Mat stole the window seat and has been taking photos non-stop out the window, I'm not going to judge it's what makes him happy. Though I will add that he looks like a fool. He has both my jacket and my cardi wrapped around his camera and over his head to try to stop the reflections on the window.
Most of his shots have come out really well, but we all know mat, good is not good enough..

We also have a lady about 3 seats behind who is clearly watching a DVD or something, the plane is silent being that it's just past midnight, and she keep laughing so so loudly followed by coughing and gargling sounds like she is going to choke, not so secretly I'm kinda hoping she does... That's a bit mean but it's super annoying!

I just realised this is the second time Mat and I have been awake the whole night of our anniversary. Though spending it flying and in an airport is a bit different to dinner and drinks and walking home in the early hours of the morning.

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