Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If it only has one wheel its a uni cycle.

early start day 2.

we woke up to a rooster crowing, really in the country now haha.
yesterday at the markert we kept getting approached by kida with trays of eggs, we thought they were fresh eggs, but rich told us that they are actually hard boiled, on tuesday morning wandering out the out the front walking along the beach was one of these kids, Mat bought 4 eggs for $1.

we headed into town with Rich, he works at the presidents palace, which seems to be more like a government building rather than a palace as such. we hung out there for a while, made friends with some of the timorese guys he works with, then Cowboy, one of these guys, drove us to meet a photographer from the UN that Mat had organised a meeting with, we had a coffee and some brekki, then off to explore the city again.

we came across a group of kids playing soccer in the street, we ended up hanging out with them for close to 2 hours, taking photos, much to their delight.

we found a supermarket where we could buy some food and supplies, wont be going hungry again tonight.. we bought a big bag of rice, among other things to keep us going.

you seem many funny and interesting things while wandering around, a kid rode past on his bike, except the front wheel was missing, so he was riding it like uni cycle, amazing how adaptable these people are.

on our way home we stopped at the Comoro Market, so we grabbed some fresh veges to make some dinner. nothing like the good old Vic market, the meat vendors have it sitting open air on their cart, brushing off the flies with a stick, clearly a lot of people buy meat this way, but my food safety knowledge got in the way, I couldn't ever buy it from them.

it was so so hot today!  felt sticky and gross all day, came home and made some dinner, that actually wasn't too bad considering i had no \thing in the way of pots/pans/stove etc to cook with. ended up making a kinda bastardized risotto in an electric fry pan with chicken and veges.. then had a shower, there is only cold water so its an interesting experience.... lucky that Timor is so hot its actually not too bad, couldn't imagine doing it in winter.

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