Thursday, May 05, 2011

To Baucau..

Leaving the house before the sun is awake is just not on! We were up at 5.30 to catch a bus to Baucau, Timor's second largest city. Were getting the local bus, we asked Mick about it and all he said was it will be an entertaining cultural experience... That kinda concern me..

We got a cab to the 'bus terminal' which in reality is just a patch on the side of the road where the busses seem to stop, all the busses are individually owned so they fight for toe business, we pulled up in the cab and had a couple of guys open the door, grab our bags and usher us onto their bus. Just sitting waiting for it to leave, were not sure if there is some sort of schedule or if they wait till the bus is full, if so that's gonna be a while, there is only us and 2 other people, bus seats about 20...

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