Monday, May 09, 2011

Last night in Timor and the little f****r is dead.

Just sitting looking out over the water, watching the sun go down. Last night in Timor. After 3 days I wanted to go home, after a week I loved the place, after 3 weeks I'm sad to leave but know I will be back..

Cooked a mean dinner tonight for Rich and Mick we had a BBQ on the beach, I made satays and did whole chickens grilled on the fire, they were amazing!!

Shaun from Friday night has come round tonight, after our crazy night on Friday he kept going until midnight sat night, I don't know how he does it! He had been playing in a poker tournament tonight and came second so he was having a good night. He has come around with more pot and all his top shelf spirits. Fuck i hate pot, i absolutely cant stand the smell of it. I'm so going to bed soon, especially when were gonna spend the whole day tomorrow traveling.

On reflection in Timor, I have learnt so much about myself and about this place by being here for 3 weeks. I never thought I would come but i now know I will be back. Tour de Timor is happening in September and iv been invited by Mick to volunteer for the tour. I'm so in!

Timor is somewhere I never would have gone to on my own accord, I'm so glad Mat made the contacts he did and we ended up here.

On a side note, Saturday night Mat killed one of the rats, it had clearly eaten a lot of the ratsack and wasn't moving very well, so he stabbed it with an umbrella.. Then put it in a bag and smashed it on the floor.. Safe to say it was dead. Then last night we were helping Mick move his house around so he could move back in, and we moved boxes into his shed. It smelt really bad like rat shit etc, I then spotted a rat which had hung itself in a fishing net.. It would happen that we put up with it for 3 weeks and when were about to leave we get rid of it...

Just sitting in the airport waiting to board the flight home. Sad to leave in a way.

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