Thursday, September 29, 2011


Billy, the bestest heli pilot ever!

Loadmaster and Isf guy in the heli

Joe "master of jungle run" Jungle Run productions film crew.

Forward convoy leaving Laclubar heading to Beacu

Riders passing through village stage 2

every rider was their own repair man too.

Family stands on their roof watching riders go by.

The road looking back towards Laclubar

riders on the course.

Laclubar village from above.

amazing sight as the light hit the trickling river just outside of Beacu
Stage 2 winners. Search2Retain boys from Aust

my new friend, who was gettign kicks out of yelling 'Malae!' then hiding
we were given the desks from the school to use while editing. 

crowd building as we waited for the riders. how cute is this kid.

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